10 Tips and Tricks for Goodnotes You Need to Know

Goodnotes is a powerful note-taking app that has many features and functions to help you be more productive. This blog post will discuss 10 tips and tricks for Goodnotes that you need to know! These tips will help you take advantage of all the features Goodnotes offers and enables you to become a power user!

Top 10 Tips and Tricks To Perfectly Use Goodnotes App

1. One of the essential tips for Goodnotes is to take advantage of the extensive library of templates available. Whether you need to create a Kanban board, a mind map or anything in between, plenty of pre-made templates can help streamline your workflow.

2. Another great feature of Goodnotes is its ability to sync across multiple devices, so you can easily access your notes wherever you go. This can be especially useful if you work on various devices and want to have all your letters at your fingertips, no matter what device you use.

3. Goodnotes also offers powerful search tools that make it easy to quickly find exactly what you’re looking for in your notes. From searching for specific text or images to narrowing down your results by tag or location on the page, there are many ways to find exactly what you need quickly.

4. If you work with many different types of files and documents in your notes, Goodnotes also makes it easy to attach and organize these files within your notes. This can help manage everything from PDFs and Microsoft Word documents to ebooks and multimedia files.

5. Goodnotes’ extensive selection of customizable brushes and pens is another excellent feature. Whether you prefer bold lines or fine details, plenty of options can help make your notes look precisely how you want them to.

6. In addition to customizable brushes and pens, Goodnotes also has a wide range of different note styles that you can use to make your notes look unique and stand out. From simple lined paper to graph paper or blank pages, plenty of options are available to help you create beautiful and organized notes.

7. Goodnotes make it easy to annotate and highlight text within your notes for added convenience and organization. This can be especially useful if you often need to refer back to specific passages or text in your notes, as it allows you to highlight important information and callouts quickly.

8. Goodnotes’s ability to work with Apple’s popular Pencil stylus is another excellent feature many users love. Whether you prefer drawing or taking handwritten notes, the Pencil stylus can help you do both with ease and accuracy.

9. Goodnotes also offers a range of additional tools that make taking and organizing notes more accessible than ever before. From checklists and to-do lists to customizable widgets and calendar integrations, many valuable features are available that help keeps everything organized and in one place.

10. Overall, Goodnotes is a compelling note-taking app with many useful features for users of all levels. Whether you’re looking for an easy way to take digital notes or need a more advanced organization system for your work or studies, Goodnotes is sure to have what you need!


With so many features and functionality in one app, finding a better note-taking solution is more challenging than Goodnotes. With its extensive library of templates that can be edited easily on your device or through online access from anywhere in the world at any time, plus the ability to sync across devices for forever convenience–there isn’t anything else like this powerful tool! So why wait? Download today before someone else does (they’ll get there sooner or later).

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