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Nowadays, everyone saves important notes and files in a document or a PDF form. Some people like to note down their work in a handwritten form. But everyone can’t carry a pen and paper with them everywhere, so Apps Like GoodNotes enable users to note down their work on handwritten gadgets only. Now, here a question arises, What Is GoodNotes?

Name GoodNotes For Windows
CompatibilityWindows 10/11/7
Size534 MB
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License TypeFree

GoodNotes is a note-taking program created by GoodNotes Limited that is accessible on iOS, iPad, and macOS. It is designed to accept handwritten texts. You can easily migrate all your notes to your Android phones with the help of this app. This app can also work on iPhones, iPad, and iCloud. 

The template categories include schoolwork, meetings, and letters to assist you in rapidly entering notes. Your digital documents are accessible anytime if you store them in the library. The program is secure and safe. If you want to carry your work with you wherever you go, the GoodNotes Apps for Windows is a perfect choice.

Top Features

Below are some more features that have been added to GoodNotes 5, the latest version of GoodNotes.

Beautiful and Flexible Note Templates

You can select one of the several available templates to start taking notes immediately. You can find templates for meetings, lectures, and shopping lists. The layouts include lovely cover pages that instantly make your documents presentable and readable. You can import templates to edit them if you wish to add your own.

Several Multimedia Options

This feature of GoodNotes allows the users to combine images and pictures into their notes with the help of Image Tool and several multimedia options available. The users can also edit their photos with colors use of cropping and resizing, enabling the images to adjust perfectly with the notes. 

Search For Easy Access To Your Notes

GoodNotes has an improved search toolbar. All of your saved notes are easily searchable and accessible in the library. Your searched texts are scanned, and the search is based on matching words to file text. You may quickly and easily search for opening the note file. You can get to a specific file section using clever search tools.

Digital Pen Mode

This feature is specifically designed for the digital pen mode of the GoodNotes Apps For Windows10. This feature enables you to use a digital pen or stylus while writing notes. You can quickly scroll down the document smoothly without leaving any pen marks. 

Importing and Exporting of Documents

You can now directly add any docus or multimedia files from the browser. You can now import your document from the browser and add it to your notes. This feature is designed to attach reference articles or papers to analyze your messages. GoodNotes is incorporated with third-party apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, etc., that help you to share your notes directly. 

Managing Documents

The most crucial feature of GoodNotes For Mac is its excellent document management. The ability to create files, folders, and subfolders is available. Your notes may be readily accessed and unorganized into categories. Users can add their frequently used papers to a “Favorites” folder. You afterward it with your important papers.

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"Honestly, I really love using this app! It is very well thought out and I can use it for many different kinds of workflows."
"I absolutely love this app. I use this more for pdf creation and personal journaling than anything else."
"I love this app. Previously, I would print every single paper I read because none of the electronic tools I would use allowed me to mark it up the way I like to."
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Tried, tested and trusted

You can use GoodNotes to produce documents or make quick sketches that you can store on your device. You organize and secure your notes using its many capabilities. You may prepare documents by hand without worrying about running out of paper or misplacing something crucial. 

The majority of individuals are switching to digital platforms as technology advances. GoodNotes is incomparable to other apps with similar functionality and a few extras. GoodNotes for Windows cannot be downloaded straight from a web browser.